Ambassador: BoutenkoFilms

The EcoFlow Delta 1300 is a brand new electric solar generator with a 1300 watt/hour capacity battery and a max output of 1800 watts. This power supply sounds awesome on paper, but can it do everything it promises? Let’s find out together! In this video, I plug a bunch of inefficient appliances into the Delta to see how it performs. Please note, all nine experiments were conducted on a single charge. Enjoy!

Coffee Grinder 200W Test #1
Electric Tea Kettle 1500W Test #2
Hipster Toaster 1230W Test #3
Small Vitamix Blender 840W Test #4
Big Vitamix Blender 1400W Test #5
Hair Dryer 1600W Test #6
Power Drill 900W Test #7
Orbital Sander 1800W Test #8
Is there enough juice left over to charge various electronics? Test #9
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