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DELTA - The New Standard Of Battery Generator


stay ahead of the storm

Hurricane season is coming. That means more unexpected power outages. Stay one step ahead of the storm with our Portable Power. Keep the lights on, fridges running, and all your essential devices ready. Be ready to help your neighbors in times of need.

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prepare for the unexpected

A power outage doesn’t have to spell emergency for families who rely on medical devices, such as a CPAP machine or a medical fridge. With DELTA, you’re always well prepared for the unexpected.

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Cutting-edge Portable Power


Martin B.


River powered a full-day shoot on the beach. I can’t imagine filming without it.

Romeo D.

Public Safety, DJI & NASA

Laptops, iPhones, drone batteries… I can now operate anywhere for hours and days in remote areas.

Cyndi Silverman

USAID, ADL, Energy Equality for All

Due to the California fires and the recent mudslides our power has been on and off without warning… RIVER is a must have for all disaster relief organizations.

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