Ambassador:  FrugalRepair

FrugalRepair had a lot of fun putting EcoFlow DELTA Max and 2 smart batteries to the test and seeing how long they could run critical items in our home if there was a power outage. He also really enjoyed charging by solar panels and seeing what it could handle. Some test results below.


Fast Charging from 0-100% (approximate values going into battery. Wall AC is higher because power is used to run fans, inverter, etc). You can see the wattage decreases to protect the battery cells due to heat build up.

0-80% ~ 1650W
80-92% ~ 1250W
92-97% ~ 630W
97-98% ~ 485W
98-99% ~ 300W (over 4 minutes charging drops from 485W to 300W)
@ 99% Charing drops to 250W with 2 minutes of charging left
@ 99% Charing drops to 200W with 1 minute left
100% Reached in 1 hour 45 minutes

AC inverter Output Efficiency Test - Starting at 100% Battery, with constant 200W draw to 0%:

Total AC output = 1.73KWH. 1.73 / 2.01 (battery capacity) = 86% AC output efficiency

Let's check it out! 

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