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Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy

Sep 28, 2017 | Blog, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability/Lifestyle

It may come as no surprise that we love talking energy. From clean energy to energy efficiency, it’s kind of our thing. In particular, the potential of solar energy is very exciting to us. By all accounts, solar energy has been thriving more than ever before. In 2016, over 1 millions homes switched to solar power and dozens of major cities are making strides in solar power. That being said, it may be daunting for some to make the change.

So, why switch to solar?


It’s good for our planet

This is probably the biggest and most obvious reason to switch to solar energy. Solar energy doesn’t produce harmful emissions that hurt the environment. Conversely, it is drawn from one of the most natural resources possible – the sun! Fossil fuels generate more than half the energy that US residents consume! Solar energy doesn’t produce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide or other harmful emissions that contribute to climate change.


Solar energy saves you money

Switching to solar energy in your home will have an initial up-front cost. This is usually for installation of solar panels, and can sometimes seem pricey at first. That said, the return on investment is pretty hard to argue with. You are essentially generating your own power once that payment is made. Most energy utility providers will raise and lower energy costs at will. Going solar gives you a fixed energy cost (which can sometimes be no cost). This means no more being chained to what the energy companies are charging. Solar energy frees you from the entire construct.


Switching to solar energy increases your home’s value

The previous points may seem like fairly common knowledge, but this tidbit often surprises homeowners. Solar panels actually increase a home’s attractiveness on the market – similar to homes that are near school districts or have good Home Energy Ratings. A recent study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that homes with solar panels sold 20% faster than other homes on the market, and for 17% more money!


This is where energy is heading

At the end of the day, solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, plain and simple. This puts it ahead of gas, oil, and (most definitely) coal. Alongside wind and hydropower, cities around the world are beginning to make solar power a priority. In 2016, San Francisco began requiring all new buildings to be installed with solar panels (the first city to make such a decision), and Las Vegas became the largest city to run on 100% renewable energy. The  future will run on clean and renewable energy, and solar power has become one of the best ways to take a step toward that future.