DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel

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DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel
DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel DELTA 1300 + 4x 110W Solar Panel
DELTA boasts the same power as traditional gasoline home generators, but without the gas, noise, emissions, maintenance, or weight. Featuring a capacity of 1300Wh and an output of 1800W, DELTA is able to charge anything from your electric vehicle to your workshop tools to your tailgate.

With 110W Solar Panel Charger, you can get off the grid and stay off the grid. Made up of the efficient Monocrystalline silicon cells available, recharge DELTA and your electronic devices, and keep your equipment running off of your portable power station without interruption.

*Please NOTE:  110W solar panel will be back in stock in May. First Come, First Served.

EcoFlow DELTA Highlights:

  • Replace your gas generator with EcoFlow DELTA. With an output of 1800W, DELTA can power anything from your lamps to the power tools in your workshop. 
  • Recharge DELTA from 0% to 80% in just one hour. Up to 10x faster than competitors. 
  • Bring DELTA to any party or into your living room and power up to 13 devices simultaneously.
  • DELTA requires no gas, emits no pollution and no noise. Use DELTA indoors, even in your living room around kids and pets.
  • Informative LED screen displaying watt input/output and remaining time. 


  • Recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible solar panel. Charge time is dependent on the size of the solar panel. Fully recharge DELTA within 4 hours. 
  • Fully recharge DELTA with a AC outlet in 2 hours. 
  • DELTA can also be recharged within 18 hours by plugging into your vehicle's car port.


DELTA can be perfectly use as emergency power when you need it. With a large output, it is designed to keep your most important things running during a power outage. 

Light (10W) 36+ Hours
Coffee Maker 50+ Cups
Large Fridge 10+ Hours
Circular Saw 0.7+ Hours
Laptop 23+ Recharges
Electric Vehicle 3-5 miles (5-8 km)
CPAP Machine 20+ Hours
Air Conditioning 0.8+ Hours

Uninterrupted Power Supply & Chaining Function

  • When DELTA detects a power failure, it automatically kicks into gear, which allows a computer or any of your most sensitive utilities that you can't afford to lose to keep running.
  • The UPS function is perfect for CPAP machines, medical fridges, computer or data servers.
  • Expand the capacity by chaining DELTA with other DELTA. 

WHAT CAN THE solar panel CHARGE?

  • Connect the solar panel directly to recharge a portable power station. 
  • Can be used to recharge DELTA 1000 or DELTA 1300.


The 110W solar panel works the best with DELTA. The charging time is weather dependent. 

DELTA 1000 9-15 hours
DELTA 1300 11-22 hours

*The solar panel does not work with RIVER Bank & RIVER

What's in the DELTA'S box

Delta 1300 Power Station
Solar Charge Cable (MC4 to XT60 Input)
MC4 to XT60 Cable

What's in the sOLAR PANEL'S box

110W Solar Panel Charger 
110W Solar Panel Charger Bag

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