DELTA 1300 + 3x 110W Solar Panel

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DELTA 1300 Power Station packs a massive 1260Wh of energy storage capacity. Stay powered for hours and hours with a wide range of devices and tools, anytime and anywhere. With an output of 1800W (3300W surge), DELTA 1300 Power Station meets any standard of any wall outlets so you’ll always feel right at home. Charge your laptop,TV, microwave, coffee maker and fridge at once.

With 110W Solar Panel Charger, you can get off the grid and stay off the grid. Made up of the efficient Monocrystalline silicon cells available, recharge DELTA and your electronic devices, and keep your equipment running off of your portable power station without interruption.

*Please NOTE: This item is only applicable to orders in the US (except Alaska) and China.