21W Solar Panel

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The lightweight and durable 21W Solar Panel are perfect for your next camping trip!  Charge your USB devices with this convenient solar charger. Don't run out of power when you are off the grid.

  • Dual USB 2.4A Output Dual 2.4A USB ports allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously with high-speed charging. Auto-detect your devices' current to pair the optimal output. It can charge your devices like laptops, tablets,and smartphones.
  • High-Efficiency EcoFlow ultra-portable solar charger delivers regulated output for optimum performance while achieving 20-23% energy conversion. Sunpower monocrystalline cells deliver efficient energy to your electronic devices.
  • Built for Outdoors Rugged construction is dust, shock and waterproof. Built-in carry case sets up to anywhere.
  • Envelope Closure Design Internal pocket for cords, attachments, storage
  • Ideal For: Tablet, Phone, Watch

    *Please NOTE: This item is not applicable to orders outside of the U.S. 

    EcoFlow 21W Solar Panel

    Bring Your Solar Panel to Anywhere

    GET OFF THE GRID: Keep power with you and take the 21W solar charger camping, to the beach, on road trips and more

    STAY PREPARED: Be ready for any job, adventure or emergency situation with fast-charging portable solar power

    EcoFlow 21W Solar Panel

    Makes Power Supply Self-Sustaining

    MULTI-USE 2-PORT CHARGER: Travel? Work? Hurricane season? This charger keeps you connected

    : The compact canvas case is easy to pack, and keeps your charger protected from water and dust

    EcoFlow 21W Solar Panel

    Higher Efficiency

    BUILT-IN CARRY CASE SETS UP ANYWHERE: Hang it, tilt it or use the built-in kickstand to find the best angle for charging

    : Sunpower monocrystalline cells deliver efficient energy to your electronic devices


    Rated Power
    21 Watts
    POLY (IP64 Rated)
    Cell TypeSunpower Monocrystalline
    Weight0.47kg (1.04lb)
    Package Weight0.9kg
    Unfolded Dimensions11.8*5.9*0.59in(15*30*1.5cm)
    Folded Dimensions25.6*11.8*0.12in(65*30*0.3cm)
    Output USBTotal 5V up to 2.4A(12W) Regulated
    Energy Conversion21-23%
    • Charge your USB devices with this convenient solar charger. 
    • Ideal For: Tablet, Phone, Watch.
    • Does not work with RIVER.
    What can EcoFlow 21W Solar Panel Power?
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