EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station

RIVER Portable Power Station

◆ How long will it take to charge RIVER?

To charge RIVER370:

To charge RIVER412:

◆ How many cells does RIVER have?

RIVER uses best-in-class battery cells and is comprised of 40 LG Chem 18650 lithium-ion batteries. 

◆ How long of the life cycle of RIVER?

RIVER is conservatively labeled to last 500 cycles (meaning it will recharge to 100% for 500 times). After the 500 cycles, you can continue to use RIVER, however, its total recharge capacity will be slightly lower to 80%. After 1,000 cycles, RIVER’s battery will decrease to 60% charge capacity. This is standard across lithium ion battery products.

The shelf life of RIVER is one year, means the battery power will reserve for one year after full it has been charged.

◆ Can RIVER be carried on a flight?

Unfortunately, RIVER cannot be carried onto a plane as a carry on or stowed away as cargo luggage. This is because the FAA limits batteries over 100Wh from riding on planes. I apologize for the inconvenience. RIVER is a great traveling companion and can be used when traveling by car or campervan for a road trip or by boat for your next sailing trip. RIVER can be easily transported or shipped via car, train, boat, bus, bicycle, etc. 

◆ Do the different color RIVERs have different functionality?

All colors of RIVER have the same exact battery functionality. The color of the RIVER unit does not affect the performance of its charging capability. At this moment, RIVER is only available in black. 

◆ Is RIVER’s AC outlet pure-sine wave or modified?

Yes, RIVER’s AC outlet is a pure-sine wave. RIVER is engineered by some of the best battery minds in the world. At EcoFlow, we pride ourselves on having the best technology. 

◆ Why is RIVER very expensive?

RIVER is designed by some of the best battery minds in the world. Premium quality materials and advanced battery technology is what EcoFlow is all about. We aim to provide you a higher quality product than anything on the market. This means that RIVER will provide a longer charge time for your devices, wider operating temperature range (-4-140 degrees Fahrenheit) and increased durability. In other words, a completely carefree charging experience. RIVER isn’t your standard battery. It's a specialist renewable generator for all of your mobile power needs. With the premium quality of the product, you will also receive premium support throughout your experience with RIVER. Not to mention an 18-month warranty that you will not find anywhere else. We also offer a monthly payment plan through Afif that is something you are interested in. 

◆  Will you be selling a larger capacity unit of RIVER?

Yes, our engineering team is currently working on products with larger capacities. Stay tuned for the most recent EcoFlow news by signing up for our email subscription. You can sign up for our email subscription at the bottom of our website. 

◆ Do you have 220V-240V version? Can you ship to my country? Eu/Au?

Yes, we have AC110V, 60Hz(for 100-120V editon) / 230V, 50Hz (for 220-240V edition). Please email to, she will handle your inquiry.

RIVER Bank wireless charging power bank for laptopsRIVER BANK

◆ Can I take my RIVER Bank on an airplane?

RIVER Bank can be carried onto a flight in your carry-on. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows multiple lithium-ion batteries up to 100Wh on planes. If you have the Car Module stacked with the Main Module, please unstack them before going through security. 

◆ Can I use each module independently?

Each RIVER Bank module can be used independently to power your devices. For combined capacity, stack the Main Module with the Car Module. This feature is unique to RIVER Bank, as RIVER Bank is the world's first portable power station you can stack. 

◆ Does RIVER Bank have a built-in charge controller?

RIVER Bank has a built-in charge controller that allows a USB-C input range of 10V-22V.

◆ How do I store RIVER Bank?

For optimal battery health, please store RIVER Bank at room temperature, in a dry environment and out of direct elements. RIVER Bank will hold its charge up to six (6) months.

◆ How long does it take to recharge RIVER Bank?

Charge times for RIVER Bank vary by module: RIVER Bank Main Module: You can recharge through wall (AC) and car in 2-3 hours. Solar charging will take 6-9 and will vary based on weather conditions.

◆  How many ports does RIVER Bank have?

Depending on what module(s) you have, RIVER Bank Jump Pack (Main Module and Car Module) has 6 ports and wireless charging. The Main Module has two (2) Quick Charge USB ports, two (2) USB-C ports, and the wireless charging pad. The Car Module has one (1) USB-C port and one (1) car jump starter port.

 ◆  What is unique about RIVER Bank’s technology?

RIVER Bank is the world's largest capacity portable power station that you can fly with. RIVER Bank is stackable with a Qi-standard wireless charging pad on top. A couple of the unique features of RIVER Bank: Charge your Qi-standard devices on the 10W wireless charging pad Transfer your file using the USB Hub on the main module. Charge your laptop through the USB-C ports Fly with the airplane friendly and FAA compliant RIVER Bank modules. Recharge RIVER Bank through solar, car, or wall (AC). 

RIVER Rapid Pocket Power Bank with USB-C Quick Charge


◆  Can RIVER Rapid charge my Macbook Pro?

Currently, RIVER Rapid can only power USB-C MacBook Pros. Fully charged, Rapid can add up to 50 minutes of working time to your laptop. The R&D dept. is working on the usability to more type-C laptops.

◆ How do I recharge RIVER Rapid?

You can recharge Rapid through its USB-C port using EcoFlow’s USB-C to USB cable, which comes in the box with Rapid. For the fastest recharge time, recharge Rapid with EcoFlow’s 9V2A Wall Charger (sold separately). 

◆ Can I take my RIVER Rapid on an airplane?

RIVER Rapid, at 5000 mAh, can be carried onto your flight or checked in your luggage. The Federal Aviation Adminitration (FAA) allows you to fly with lithium-ion batteries up to 27,000 mAh, or 100Wh. 

◆ What is RIVER Rapid's battery shelf life?

RIVER Rapid has a shelf life of six (6) months, meaning it will hold charge for six (6) months after being fully charged. 

◆  What ports are on the RIVER Rapid?

RIVER Rapid has one (1) 18W USB Quick Charge 3.0 port and one (1) 18W USB-C port with Power Delivery. With RIVER Rapid, you can power USB-C laptops and charge any USB devices, like phones, watches, GoPros, and tablets. 

◆ Why is it so expensive?

RIVER Rapid is lighter and smaller than any 5000 mAh power bank on the market, supports quick charging, and uniquely can power any USB-C laptop. Left alone, RIVER Rapid holds charge for 6 months. Engineered with an advanced battery management system and crafted with durable, high quality materials, Rapid gives you power in your pocket for years to come.