EcoFlow River 600 vs Max & Pro Reviewed

Author: Scott

Nowadays, we all rely on tech gadgets to power our lives. The dependence on tech is why you must always be ready for an outage with a power bank.
EcoFlow began on Kickstarter and Facebook intending to develop new power banks and technology that could run without fuel and required less upkeep. This Kickstarter led to the development of the solar-powered EcoFlow power station.

The EcoFlow River 600 Series. The new River series consists of the Ecoflow Delta River 600, the River 600 Max, and the River 600 Pro (not released as of November 3rd 2020), all of which use solar power to charge their power banks. Each portable power station can efficiently replace the generators of the past. These gadgets are lightweight, efficient, and easy-to-use.

So, which power station is the best for you?

This review covers everything you need to know to find the right portable power station for you. There’s a lot to review, so let’s explore your options.

The EcoFlow RIVER 600

The EcoFlow River 600 provides a modern solution for power. Solar panel generators aren’t brand new to the scene, so it might seem like this device isn’t revolutionary. However, most older solar options take significantly longer to recharge. The Delta River 600 faces no such problem.

I like the top handle on the River 600. It's larger Delta 1300 cousin looms in the background.

Besides the fast charging capabilities, the EcoFlow River 600 boasts an eco-friendly design. Unlike the gas generator of the past, there are no toxic fumes with the solar River 600. The solar panel ensures clean energy. Another strength? These power banks are silent.

This EcoFlow generator minimizes air pollution and noise pollution. If you’re exploring the states and camping, you’ll appreciate the absence of excessive humming or buzzing. You can also select your preferred noise level from the EcoFlow app.

The upkeep of a solar charger is also far less hassle than a gas generator as it requires no fuel. The River 600 generator doesn’t even require replacement parts, and its lightweight feel makes it perfect for outdoor excursions.


  • Charging Time: One hour for 80%, 1.6 hours for full; plugs into a wall outlet or solar panels.
  • Battery: 288Wh capacity
  • Inverter: 600W continuous, 1200W surge


  • Fast charging
  • Energy for up to 29 hours, depending on the gadget/appliance
  • Lightweight and easy to transport modular style
  • Eco-friendly solar panels
  • Noiseless
  • Lets you stay in contact and powered at home and on the road


  • The River 600 is the most basic in the new EcoFlow range.
  • International users reported some issues with shipping.


The base-level River 600 generator from EcoFlow is an efficient piece of kit, charging anything you need. It has a discreet design, requires no upkeep, and is noiseless and lightweight. If you want to replace your clunky gas generator, this could be the one.

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River 600 X-boost technology can lower the voltage of heavy duty devices to operate safely at a lower watt level.

What Are the Differences between the RIVER 600 vs. RIVER 600 Max and RIVER 600 Pro

  • Power output: Varies significantly, with the baseline River possessing a 288Wh capacity, the mid-level 576Wh, and the Pro having a 768Wh capacity. The output is perhaps the most significant factor to consider as you want to think about the kinds of devices or appliances you need to power.
  • Longevity: The Pro product features over 3500 charges, whereas the baseline 600 features over 500
  • Size and Weight: The 600 is the smallest of the three. While the others aren’t bulky, if you’re looking for a camping generator, the Delta is your best bet. It is the easiest to transport, especially if you intend to go on long treks, hauling all your equipment.
  • Generator Linking: The baseline and mid-level gadgets are standalone models, meaning that the energy they provide is what you get. The Pro is outstanding because of the XLink cables, which let you connect multiple stations and significantly bolster the energy output.

RIVER 600 Series Broshure PDF

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River 600 User Manual PDF

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How to setup the EcoFlow River 600 iOS & Android App

Watch as I set up my new River 600 (+Max) and connect to the Ecoflow mobile app. You can control many of the River 600 settings wirelessly from the app.

Which Model Is Best for Me?

Kickstarter and Facebook enabled EcoFlow to create smart innovations. It’s easy to see why these solar generators are some of the most popular options. We don’t think that any of the River 600 models are better than the others; it all comes down to how much power you need.

The River 600 series in this review demonstrate some of the best technology available for charging power. If you want to learn more about the brand and its smart solar charger gadgets, check out their Facebook or Kickstarter! There you can find the privacy policy, shipping information, and more.

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