Modulized Design for Capacity Expansion

Customize your Backup Power

R600 is designed for infinite capacity expansion. R600, starting from 288Wh, can expand to 576Wh with the Extra Battery module. R600 Pro, starting from 768Wh, can connect with any third-party 12V deep cycle batteries or LFP batteries, so you can customize your own system with truly unlimited power. 

X-boost AC Power

A smart 600W inverter can run devices with up to 1200W power draw

AC Power Redefined. Designed with groundbreaking X-boost technology, R600 can downgrade the required output of the heavy-duty devices, running them more efficiently with only 600W. From making a fresh cup of coffee to frying an egg, R600 has you covered.

X-link Chaining

Double R600 AC Power Output

R600 is the only chainable power station on the market that actually doubles your power output, not just your storage capacity. Chain two R600 together to become a 1200W AC Output Battery Generator.  

X-stream Charging

From 0-80% in just 1 hour

Recharge speed pushed to the extreme -ten times faster than the industry average. Hit the road anytime with a fully charged power station in less than 2 hours. To minimize your carbon footprint, you can input up to 200W of solar energy to recharge R600 in less than 4 hours -- twice the speed of the industry average, leveraging the EcoFlow patented MPPT.