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RIVER Mobile Power Station Has Been Featured on HSN

Feb 13, 2018 | Blog, Community, Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability/Lifestyle

We are super excited to share that our very own Hannah Sieber had the joy of sharing the RIVER Mobile Power Station Travel Bundle on HSNtv. During the presentation, Hannah and Shannon Smith had a chance to talk about all the wonderful and diverse ways people can use RIVER – from a super-powered portable charging station to a backup energy source. Take a look at the video below!

What we’ve heard from customers: Though there are various uses for RIVER – from camping to adventure film making and photography to life off the grid – RIVER, at the same time, arms customers and their families with the backup energy and therefore confidence that they can make it through storms, natural disasters, and power outages without losing communication with first responders or loved ones. Best of all, RIVER holds charge for one year, making it the most reliable and dependable power station on the market, and that you can charge it up once a year and know that, were anything to happen, backup energy is at your fingertips. RIVER can power Wifi routers, laptops, phones, CPAP machines, small medicine refrigerators, lights, and electric water pumps, so when the power has shut off, life can go on as normal. That means the kids can still watch Netflix, and you can FaceTime Mom and Dad across the country. Peace of mind – powered.

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