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EcoFlow Free Life Community Experts

Meet the people and savor the stories that inspire us every day. Explore the power of RIVER through stories from people just like you.

Power A Free Life

We love our experts! From vanlifers to adventure photographers to trailblazers and beyond, our ambassadors live out “Power A Free Life” every day. Their feedback is integral in the product development phase so that your EcoFlow experience goes unmatched. Learn their stories here:

Shannon Wild

Wildlife Cinematographer, Shannon Wild

Drew Cain

@wanderborn, Wanderborn

The power was out, I had client work to do, camera batteries to charge and my phone was nearly dead. RIVER Bank handled it all and still had enough juice for a movie in be afterward!

Luca Castagnini

Outstanding Visualizer, @luca_castagnini_

I have to say I’ve never seen such a combination between beautiful designs and the more advanced technology. I’m stoked!

Noël Russell

Hope Slanger | Fun Hogger, @Noel_Russ

RIVER powers everything – phones, cameras, laptops, lanterns, even blended margaritas in the middle of the desert! But my favorite night at camp was when RIVER powered our dance party and we were able to bring down the house (er, van?).

Brandon Nelson

Lead Creative & Founder at VRTU, VRTU

On a remote, multi day shoot, in an undisclosed location in Southern California I was able to keep my laptop and cameras charged for the entirety of the production!

Zackk Barazowski

Zackk Barazowski, Photographer

I take RIVER camping with me and never have a dead phone or laptop.

Justin & Ariele Champion

Founders, Wild We Wander

Once, we were stuck in Raleigh in the heat of September for a week with no electricity. If it weren’t for our RIVER that powered our fan all night, we would not have been able to sleep!

Martin Buzora

Director & Cinematographer, Martin Buzora

Once, RIVER charged my laptop and camera batteries on the back of an anti-poaching truck in Northern Kenya, 12 hours from the nearest source of electricity.

Max Seigal

Photographer, maxwilderness

RIVER Rapid powered my flights – paragliding the himalaya!

Romeo Durscher

Director of Public Safety Integration, DJI

When you are out in the field with public safety, working a large scale event, and you look over and one of the departments is using RIVER to charge their devices. It made me smile.

Eddie Kloesel & Morgan Sellers

Founders & Co-Owners, Whiskey Boat Bungalow

RIVER powers our Whiskey Boat Goods pop up shops – all around the country! And we get to take it camping, too.

Andrew & Chelsea

Roaming Travelers

RIVER powers everything on the road, even thermoelectric coolers and a hot water system allowing us to shower while living out of our Jeep. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this product.

Michael Wigle

The look on my friend’s face was priceless as he watched me plug in the drone batteries, my camera’s batteries, his camera’s batteries, two GoPros, our phones, and the string of lights for camp. A day of sun got us charged up!

Josiah Q Roe

Photographer, Director, Vanlifer, The Outbound Collective

I used two RIVER’s to power all the lasers and lighting at my Burning Man camp. They were clutch!

Christian Parsons & Alexis Stephens

Tiny House Explorers, Tiny House Expedition

We parked our tiny house in greater Moab, with RIVER charged our batteries while taking in the breathtaking high desert views, which we captured later with our drone.

Eduardo & Rubi

Adventures On Wheels

Camping along Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks, we loved sitting outside our RV, anywhere we wanted, plug out electronics to our RIVER and be able to use them as normal.

The Power is Yours

We’re always looking for exceptional people to help us tell our story. Are you a trailblazer in your field? Please fill out our application and we will reach out to you. We’re excited to hear from you!

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