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Earlier this month, we asked our community about how they’re using RIVER. We’re excited to share what we learned about you outdoorsy, clean energy enthusiasts! We have an amazing EcoFlow community that is thriving!

Most people are using RIVER while camping or outdoors

60% of you said that you use RIVER for camping and we understand why!

Planning a family camping trip? Road tripping across the country in your RV? Watching a movie at a beach bonfire with your friends? Campers and outdoor enthusiasts are using RIVER to power their speakers, phones, laptops, projectors, mini fridges, and more! Many of you said love RIVER’s compact and portable design that allows for quiet, clean energy on-the-go, whenever and wherever you need it.

Fun fact: 65% of campers are also using RIVER to charge their drone!

Many also use RIVER to be prepared for and have back-up power during emergencies

57% of you also said that you use RIVER to prepare for a disaster and for home back-up power in case of emergencies. We love to hear that you are prepared! 2017 was the largest year for loss due to natural disasters. We teamed up with our friends at Earthquake bag to better understand how to be prepared. See what we learned here!

RIVER helps you #PowerAFreeLife

Many of you told us you’re using RIVER to power your CPAP, a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, machine while you are sleeping. An estimated 22 million individuals in the US have sleep apnea and have trouble breathing while sleeping. To help, individuals wear a face mask that is connected to the CPAP machine to provide a positive flow of air for a good night sleep.

Most times, the CPAP machine can be very bulky and requires to be constantly connected to an outlet. We’re happy to hear that RIVER is able to allow you to get off the grid and #PowerAFreeLife

You all are a GREEN bunch and care about renewable, clean energy !

Over 60% of you bought a solar panel and more than half of you – 61% –  are bringing your solar panel camping. We are proud to support your efforts in clean energy and sustainability!

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Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey and told us how you were using RIVER. We really enjoyed reading your response and wish you the best as you keep using RIVER!

Using RIVER in other ways? Let us know in the comments and share with others how you use RIVER!

– EcoFlow, #PowerAFreeLife