Tips to Prepare for the Emergency Power Outage

by Amelie Zheng

Tips to Prepare for the Emergency Power Outage

Power supply is the essential element we hope never fails us. Especially during the quarantine time, we need it to light our homes, charge our appliances, heat or cool our homes, preserve our food and drinks in the refrigerator. It's indispensable in our daily life. We can't imagine life without an uninterrupted flow of electricity – the lights, fridge, and furnace or air conditioner all turn off.
However, power outage can happen at any time. Whether it's summer thunderstorms, fall hurricanes, winter blizzards, or spring tornadoes, there is always a risk that your power is going to fail.

Getting prepared for power outages is crucial because we need to be protected from eventual dangers and inconveniences. But how could we secure our home from the risks of power outage? Here are some crucial tips. 


  • Prepare at least two quarts of water available for each person in your family. You could purchase distilled water from the store, or invest in a larger water tank from a water dispenser. 
  • A three-day supply of non-perishable food for everyone in your family.  


Many disaster agencies recommend that families build a “disaster kit” that can be used in case of a natural disaster or a serious power outage. Typically, the kit should include:

  • Emergency Lighting 
  • A first aid kit that includes enough bandages, antibiotic ointment, and prescribed medications for everyone in your family. 
  • Spiral-bound, laminated copies of local maps. They're more durable than paper.
  • A portable power station that will help you keep all your family's electronics, medical devices, and lights charged. Find a style and size that works for you, and be sure to bring any cord adapters you might require.
  • A power bank and flashlight should be part of your power outage kit along with a set of batteries, and a lighter or a box of matches
  • A whistle to signal for help in the case of a crisis
  • Spare clothes for cold or wet conditions. 
  • Solar Generator Kit. In case the generator runs out, you could still recharge the generator through the Solar Panel.

Protect your electronic appliances with power guarding devices so that the fluctuation of power during an outage, and when it is restored, does not damage them. Switching off the power supply during an outage is the most secure way to avoid damages when power is finally restored. 

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