What is Earth Day and Why it matters?

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970, a monumental day that is widely credited for launching the modern environmental movement. It is a time to reflect and be thankful for everything the Earth does for us. It is also a time to strengthen our relationship with nature, and to think of ways we can work to better support the Earth.

Especially this year in 2020, the pandemic of COVID-19 made us realize the importance of environemental protection. The COVID-19 attacks our lungs while air pollution makes us more vulnerable to the virus. It’s no surprise to see that the pandemic is more serious in places with poor air quality. 

The importance of Earth Day is not just to change the world with a few people, but by mobilizing as many as possible because we are all involved in environmental issues. Every individual makes small changes and collectively we can make the difference. 

What Actions Can we Take?

We can take action at our level to change people’s behaviour as consumers, citizens, parents, friends, volunteers, and workers, and to make conscious choices about the future.

Here we recommend you some tips of actions: 

  • Change your consumption habits. Avoid unnecessary packaging, plastic water bottles, single-use cups, plates, and silverware, and all things disposable.
  • Plant a garden
  • Recycle. Paper, Plastic, aluminum, steel, and glass can all be recycled. Look for a recycle symbol on your containers
  • Volunteer
  • Go Solar. Try out our portable Solar Generator Kit
  • Connect with nature. Go outside and enjoy the nature for recreation.

EcoFlow has always been taking action on making the world a better place. We decide to provide special bundle offers to echo the world environmental protection effort. Please check out all the activities by viewing the home page: https://ecoflow.com/

Enjoy Earth Day!