Gas Generator vs. Portable Generator 

Power outages are all too common once a natural disaster strikes. When you encounter a sudden power outage, everything gets into chaos, the food spoils quickly, and the medical devices are in-operable. What's worse, power outages often last for hours, days or even weeks, it can be costly if you're not prepared. 

Thus, backup power has become a necessity for people everywhere. Gasoline generators have been the main choice in the backup power space for years and are readily available in various sizes, making them an easy solution for homeowners across the country. But in the last few years, improvements in home batteries and portable power stations have made a mark on the power industry, giving a new option to those looking for power security at home. So, gas generators or portable power stations, which one will you choose?

Here we list the comparisons of Gas Generator and Portable Power Station

We can see that Portable Power Stations
- are lightweight and easy to carry for different scenarios
- are sustainable, emit no gas, no fume, no noise
- need no maintenance fee, economic and save money
- are more efficient, can store the power and consume as needed